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Len Danczyk, Founder & CEO

Len Danczyk founded Energetics Technology to develop new, clean and abundant sources of energy and fundamental improvements to transportation and other applications. Hands-on experiments began in March 2002 and have included research and experimentation of several major approaches consisting of numerous experiments for each approach. During this time, Energetics Technology employed a number of consultants and collaborated with leading scientists in various disciplines.

Before starting Energetics Technology, Len was an executive with Commission Junction. Between January 2000 and June 2001 he was promoted 3 times culminating in being appointed the lead Vice President of their Open Network. In March 1997 he led P/L responsibility of the Electric Vehicle Products line for CII Technologies. While there he also wrote a business plan that was successfully funded for a new class of products. This project allowed the business to grow ten fold in 3-4 years. He also earned an MBA with an emphasis in Technology Management from the University of Phoenix during these years.

From March of 1988 to June of 1996 Len was Director of Engineering and Director of Market Development for DEMI (Dreisbach ElectroMotive, Inc.) where he provided key elements for two spin-off manufacturing companies. One of the companies resulted in a 300X multiple return to investors. Although DEMI's goal of solving our country's renewable energy problem was not realized in the '90s, this groundwork provided important experience that led to Energetics Technology.

Len started his engineering career with defense contractor Sperry Univac after graduating from the Milwaukee School of Engineering with a BSEE degree. He then moved to Interactive Products Corporation where he was promoted in two years to their Engineering Vice President.

While at Commission Junction, Len demonstrated that he "specializes in integrating disparate pieces into a cohesive whole."  A similar notable accomplishment from his time with DEMI was his development of strategic business relationships which resulted in several 'first-ever' electric vehicles. These vehicles incorporated new products and won a number of Solar and Electric 500 stock car races. One such record-setting race team held the one-mile closed-course record for an electric stock car in the early 1990s. During this time Len was also was the primary author for a variety of professional papers on related technologies.

Len's current mission is to receive funding to accomplish Energetics' strategic objectives that include demonstrating a viable and useable new energy and/or gravity wave effect.


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